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We Provide Innovative Scaffolding Design in Southern Florida

Scaff-Tech Inc aims to provide the highest quality products possible. We accomplish our mission through an application of experience and expertise. No matter how complicated a job might be, our engineering and design team are fully capable of adjusting and creating a safe and productive working environment for you and your team. Our hoisting, shoring, and scaffolding design help Southern Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County customers maximize their time and efforts while satisfying OSHA requirements and their customers’ needs. We bring an unmatched level of expertise to the table, so don’t wait; contact us today to get an estimate on our services.

Project Managers and Construction Workers

Our Team of Engineers Is Ready to Help Your Project

We maintain an expert team of engineers and designers on hand – all of whom are capable of designing safety installations that make sense in the grander scheme of your project. Our breadth of experience and knowledge has enabled us to deliver on our promises time and again. We can ensure that even the most complex projects go smoothly through our products and services. We handle challenging engineering tasks with ease, adjusting to the nature of our clients’ jobs effortlessly. Our professionalism, quick thinking, and knowledge are our greatest assets and your biggest gain.

engineering sketch

We Offer Turnkey Engineering Solutions

Our engineering department is ready to help you achieve success. We take a piecemeal approach to our craft, building your equipment element by element until we have a finished product that meets your needs perfectly. At Scaff-Tech Inc, quality is synonymous with our name, and we strive to consistently provide it to our clients. Whether you are a drywall subcontractor or a general contractor, you can use our engineering services to aid you in your company’s development. Our goal is to help your company grow, one piece of equipment at a time.

Contact Us Today to Get Started!