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Specialized Safety Training in Southern Florida

Safety is paramount in the workforce, and that is never truer than on job sites. Cranes, falling debris, and motorized equipment all pose a risk to your workers. Fortunately, Scaff-Tech Inc offers comprehensive and licensed safety training, so your Southern Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, or Palm Beach County job site can remain compliant with regulations and stay safe. We have over 40 years of experience in our industry, more than enough time to have taught us the ins and outs of construction safety. Our trained safety professionals can train you and your employees so they can safely operate equipment while performing their responsibilities.

Safety presentation with workers.

We Offer Personalized Services to All Our Clients

Our safety team is passionate about creating safe workplaces for our clients. We have the required certifications to perform our jobs, and we are compliant with all relevant OSHA requirements. At Scaff-Tech Inc, safety is more than a word to us, it is a watchword. We take it seriously, and we pass along our passion for it to our customers. Whether you are a small subcontractor or a general contractor with hundreds of employees, our training program is perfect for you. We will create specific plans that speak to your company’s needs and address company-specific safety concerns in a personalized manner.

We Help You Create a Safe Work Environment

Our goal is to instill in your company a set of habits designed to create a safe workplace. We do so through repetitious training and a diligent thought process. We will go over all the training materials with your team, ensuring they have access to everything they need. We will also consult with your management staff to ensure key points are addressed during the training sessions. Our catered approach to safety training sets us apart from our competitors. In addition to safety training, we offer sales and rentals of scaffolding, shoring, and hoisting.

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